LED (light-emitting diode) light therapy works by triggering the skins natural healing process, which in turn repairs damage to the skin cells. With a at home device you can enjoy several treatments a week without breaking the bank. 

Here in the office we use a device created by Nasa that accelerates wound healing and repair. This device gives you three difference wavelengths to treat a number of skin issues. Blue (420-460 nm) controls oil, which aids in reducing acne, and large pores.  Red light therapy (630-680 nm) can improve scarring, and wrinkles by activating fibroblasts, which aids in collagen productions. 

The Orange light (600-610 nm) is a total skin rejuvenation, and can make skin brighter and reduce inflammation. 


Device is comfortable and sits easily on the face, in a similar way to eye glasses. Comes in a box with cord, and instructions. 

Tricolor Spectroscopy Mask